I’m having a slow week. Not much going on. Just taking it easy. My right knee has been hurting again and so is my lower back. So I’m laying around reading my books. I know that on friday we are doing a ladies lunch over at my niece’s new house. So that should be fun. Talked to mom and she said dad is about the same. Slowly getting worse but has his good moments. She had a hospital bed delivered over the weekend. Plus she has help coming in every day now. Mom has a “dad-sitter” coming in on friday so that she can come with to the lunch party.

I talked to Colby the other day and he might pop by on saturday to see my parents and to show off his new truck. Also its Matthew’s birthday tomorrow. I’m feeling old. He is turning 23. Time sure flies.

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  1. smurf

    That’s exciting seeing Colby’s new truck. Keeping in touch with family is a good thing. Hope you have a great lunch. Hope your back and knee will feel better soon. Glad to hear that your Mom is able to get out and have a break now and again.

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