Colby called me friday and surprise surprise he decided to come for a visit. We had a good time. Took him to go see his grandparents which turned out better than I thought it would. Dad was actually very happy and smiling lots and even talking. It was nice to see him like that. We ran in to my sister-inlaw and her daughter in the parking lot when we got there and gave her the wedding photos Gregg had taken that night. After our visit we went to Rogers and rented a video “I am Legend” with Will Smith. Not too bad. Not his best work but it was good. We relaxed and enjoyed our evening.

Gregg just left to take Colby to the bus depot. He has to get back since he now has a full time job as a plumber’s apprentice. He is really enjoying the job. Anyways, the rest of the day I think we will be lazy. I have had a bad attack from my sciatica nerve once again, but this time it has hit both my legs. Its been a very painful few days. I feel a bit better today but not by much. I’m hoping it will get better fast. Hard to sleep when every way I turn it hurts.

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Last Modified: May 25, 2008

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  1. smurf

    Bus???? Thought he was showing off his new truck……

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