1. Oh it can be very very painful, But I have just learned to live with it as best I can. Because of this problem I am not able to work. It is a very serious problem and can be very disabling to many people. There are days that I live in my bed because every movement hurts.

  2. Carol B.

    I just found your site, I have been in agony for days, having the urge to urinate constantly and now it feels like my bottom is coming off. No infection…just this urge and pain. I think I have what u are talking about and I am going crazy…I started takingthe pyridium and it did help, so I felt a little better and stopped and now the urge and pain is very severe..I am so discouraged…tell me it will go away and I will feel normal again…

    carol, ontario

    • So sorry to hear that you are pain. Keep taking the pyridium. It will help numb the bladder. You should go see your Doctor and get him to send you to a Urologist. It does get better but you need to find out exactly what you have. Have all the pee tests done to rule out any infections you might have. You need to watch what you eat. I know it hurts, but once you get it under control it gets a lot better. I have been pain free for 3 weeks now. So there is hope!

  3. Libby

    I have found Arnicare is a Miracle Drug for flares!! It is an all natural topical gel that the pharmacist at wal greens gave me. I just put it all over down there. It burns like all get out for like 30 seconds, but then it numbs you and takes the pain away!! It is AWESOME!!!

  4. hi there i have all symptoms of ic but had two cystoscopys but not with hydrodistenion shuld i get tht done ad othas hav been normal even gad urodynamics done all nornal all pelvic dcsns normal.What next up the otha end?

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