Well… I need a hair cut. I have decided I need to find a new salon. The last hair cut was a bad one and it turned me off from the place I had been going to for a few years. So, there is a little shop about 5 blocks from here. I can walk to it if I need. She charges 20 bucks for the cut and extra for any styling I might want. I think I will try her out. I’ll stop in and see if they do walk-ins otherwise I will need to make an appointment. I would get my niece to do it but she lives out in Langley and its a bit hard to get out there for me.

Gregg is home so we will go do our food shopping today. We go to Costco on mondays cause its not as busy. We get what we need there and then head to Save-on Foods for a few things that Costco might not have. After we will come home and relax.

I guess thats my day today.

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2 comments on “Whats up today?

  1. smurf

    Sounds like fun ! Best thing to do on a rainy day is relax

  2. Olu Deniz

    I indeed need a relax. Been at my laps 2 days straight. Guess this is what it takes to work online. Well always want to go to beaches and relax…

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