Its actually been really nice here the last couple weeks. Dippy and his dog havent been around much. I heard him on Saturday but no dog. So I’m hoping that he finally moved the dog out of here. He hasnt moved the doggie litter box yet.

This is my view

We have a rat problem in the back of the building because of some road work that was done next door. So these rats moved in with us. We are all suppose to get rid of any bird feeders and clean up any dog or cat crap and leave no food out. As you can see Dippy doesnt listen well. See that garbage can? can you guess whats in it? Let me help you… under the can is the doggie litter box.

When the sun comes out after all that rain, I get the fresh fragrance of dog shit as it gets heated up. Last summer I spend maybe 10 days total on my deck. The smell killed me every time. He has been told to clean it up. Lets hope he does it soon.

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