Today is a day to celebrate. Its father’s day. We all say thanks to our dad’s for being there when we needed them and for just being “dad”. Today was a hard day for me and I’m sure that it was hard on all of the family. For us, its our last father’s day. We will never have this day again. Sure we will celebrate the day with our children as they wish their father’s a happy father’s day, but for me, its different. I will never have this day again. Gregg and I have no kids and my boys celebrate with their dads. I didnt really understand how Gregg felt about mother’s day but now I do. He lost his mom many years ago.

We all gathered around our dad and had a nice family visit. This might be the last time all of us are together to have a meal and laugh and share with him. Mom said he was in a lot of pain this morning and had given him extra meds so that he could share the day with us all. It wasnt easy to be there and not want to cry. I am really going to miss him.

Gregg and I are taking mom to the Mission Hospice tomorrow to take a look and see if its where dad will be spending his last days. I think it will be the best place for him and mom. Tuesday we will be taking her to the Langley Hospice. Actually Gregg will be doing that while I am in the dentist chair for 3 hours. Mom will then decided which place to take dad. She thinks that he will be moving by the end of the week.

Each day is getting worse. All we can do is hope and pray that he doesnt suffer with all the pain for much longer. Even though we want him to stay as long as he can, we know its best that he has to move on. I only hope that he remembers mom right to his last moments. Its ok if he forgets all us kids, as long as he remembers his one true love that has been there through thick and thin the last 55 years.

So this is for you dad…   I know you wont ever read this…  You taught me many things, and of those many things was to be strong and full of life and love and to share it with the world around me.

I love you and thank you for being my Hero.

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