Today was another long day. Gregg and I picked up mom and drove out to Mission to the Hospice. Its a wonderful place. We found out that every room has a phone so that made mom realize that she didnt need to go get a cell phone this week. We will still get one for her, but there’s no rush. So we decided that we would run out to Langley hospice right away too. We found it. We didn’t like it. It was too much like a hospital. For my I knew right away that I didnt even want to take a look. The smell alone was enough to make me gag.

We left and headed back to mom’s. My sister was there watching dad. We had lunch and talked for a while about the funeral arrangements. Then the nurse came by. She made some called to get the pain patch for dad and to get him set up to be brought to the Mission Hospice. He will be moving on Wednesday. I didnt get to see dad today. He was in bed the whole time. I wanted to see him, but at the same time I didnt want to bother him. I will see him in a couple days once he is moved.

All through this day I have been feeling the sun on my face. While in the car or walking outside. And when the sun made me squint cause it was too bright I thought “dad will miss the sun”. He always loved the warm weather. Dont worry dad, I soaked some up for you.

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Last Modified: June 16, 2008

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