Ok…I made it!  I’m still alive!. I have a sore mouth but the jaw feels ok. I guess the pills do make a difference. I had 4 fillings done and my 4 fronts teeth drilled plus my canines lengthened.I had ground them down over the years from grinding my teeth when I sleep. I have temps on for the next week. Feels weird. They feel too big. The canines feel like fangs.

Everything went well. I dont really remember much. I did get a pee break half way thru. I snored all the way home. Gregg did take me to Mc’rottens for some fries, a cheesebuger and a milksake, which I gladly gobbled up. I dont think that I have enjoyed a milkskake that much in many years. We got home and I crashed in the bed for a few hours. Had soup for dinner and had to figure out how to chew without biting my tongue off.

As for Dad, he has been moved to the Hospice today. They picked him up at noon. Mom is there with him and will be there over night. I’ll talk with her again tomorrow. I’m really not sure how much longer he is going to last. I just hope that they help him with the pain and that he doesnt have to suffer much longer.

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