Tomorrow is the funeral. Its not going to be the happiest day, but at the same time not the saddest. We will all shed tears of sorrow and wish for the day to end. I know that it will be a very trying day for mom. She will have her childern by her side all through out the day. We will make sure that she is never alone and if she starts to cry we will be there to help her move on with this day.

I have been listening to the music and watching Gregg work on the video of dad for tomorrow and its so hard not to cry. I find that the meer thought of the word “Dad” brings tears to my eyes. I have written what I want to say at the service. I’m not really sure if I will be able to read it. Most likely Gregg will have to do it for me. I will post it on friday.

I thought about what to do about my hair. Should I get it cut, should I put it up or leave it down. I guess in the end it doesnt really matter. I thought about what color nail polish I should wear. Dad always had something to say when I wore a crazy color…lol…should I wear a crazy color tomorrow? He didnt like the purple that looked like I had grapes on my fingers.

I just feel a bit lost and not really sure which way to turn. I’m having a hard time making up my mind on the smallest tasks.


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  1. smurf

    I am sure whatever you do decide to wear, he’ll be proud of you. When I think back to when my dad died and the funeral came about, I didn’t change a thing, I wanted to be just as my dad saw me before he died.

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