1. Bev

    Oh, that’s a shame. It has helped my daughter immeasurably. However, she had to do a complete lifestyle change, giving up things like chocolate, coffee and alcohol of any sort. It has been worth it though because she doesn’t have very many flare-ups these days and can usually pin-point what triggers them.

  2. I think I have I.C but I’m not sure. I’m 14. ( ugh ) And I recently had sex with my boyfriend and after that everytime I peeit hurts near the end, like when I nearly finish. I always needa pee even after I just pee’d it feels like I need to again. Could you tell me if this is I.C? I’m so worried. And you said you’ve sufferd from it for 10 years? Is it permanate? Em I going to have this pain forever? I’m going to the docters on Monday, but I would still like your advice. And is there any medications that will fully make it go away?
    Email me on the email I gave.. But if you cant see the email cos it says hidden next to it then Windows_host@hotmail.com. Thanks a heap.


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