I went to the dentist today and got yet another adjustment done on my front teeth. Hope this is the one that fixes it, but I doubt it.The dentist will be sending me a special contraption I have to wear at night and during the day for a couple weeks to help relax all my muscles and hope that I can get my bite back to where it doesnt hurt. So, after the dentist we went to see the Doctor about my M.R.I. results. Looks like I have torn the cartilage on the inside of my shoulder joint. Dont ask me how I did this one?! So the Doctor is going to call the specialist in Vernon that did the surgery on my left shoulder, and make arrangements to see what he wants to do. Most likely it will be surgery again. Its just a matter of when. Reason why I would go to Vernon is, that seeing a Doctor here in town could take up to a year or more.

I’m getting tired of this. It seems like I am falling apart. What part will need repairing next year? Oh well, I guess its part of getting old. On a happier note, the sunshine is back! Its going to be a hot one today. At least 35c in the Valley. Its up at 21c and its only 8:30am!

2 comments on “Updates

  1. Grandmothergoose

    What’s this? You’re getting old and falling apart at 40????
    That’s just plain ridiculous!
    You just need a tune up!
    Hang in there and they will get Humpty Dumpty back together again! 🙂
    But how did you tear your cartilage, is my question?
    Have you and hubby been wresting again??? Tsk!! Tsk!!

  2. smurf

    LOL its all that SEX!!!!!!! You haven’t lost any of your pieces though Right??? hahaha Hope all goes well !!

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