OK, so its summer time here in British Columbia. Yes well its supposed to be. I think this is one of the worst we have had in years. We finally got a week of nice weather and then….rain…again. I think moving to Mexico is really starting to sound like a great idea and the sooner the better!

Let me fill you in on whats been happening. Yesterday I had to go see my dentist again. He gave me a little plastic gadget called an “aqua-nator” that goes into my mouth at bedtime so that I dont clench or grind my teeth while I sleep. Its also going to help relax the jaw so that my TMJ gets a bit easier to handle. It has tiny water bladders that fit on each side between my molars, as I bite on them the water squishes between the two bladders and moves to adjust to my bite through a thin plastic piece that conects them which wraps around my front teeth. its not too bad to where but it is a bit weird. I will be wearing this thingy for the next few days to see what happens.

After the dentist we drove back to Abbotsford and picked up a some photos that we got developed for mom and then headed to her place. We stayed for dinner and went through a couple letters she wasnt sure what to do with. We finally got home at 9pm.

So that was our day. Today I think we are going to relax and just hang around at home. Tomorrow? Who knows.

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    This was interesting. It taught me something new and that is what I seek from every article that I read… I want to learn something new…. I think that is the best way to learn more… But the point is there are not many blogs like that.

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