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Seven years ago on Gregg’s birthday I quit smoking. It was my gift to him that year. Since then I tried 2 times to smoke in that first year and each time I puked my brains out,…lol. I smoked for 22 years, that half my life if anyone is counting. I did quit with both pregnancies, but started up soon after again. I tried many times over the years to quit. It just never happened. I guess I was too stressed out in my life to every be able to quit. It was my stress relief. I owe it to Gregg for helping me quit. He wasnt too sure I would do it at first, but he supported me through the rough spots. It was also a big pain with my IC. Made it a lot worse.

I’m so happy I dont have that dirty disgusting habit anymore. When you are a smoker you dont really know how bad it is. Your clothes stink, your hair stinks, your breathe stinks, even your skin stinks. Perfume or cologne doesnt help, just gives it a funky stink. Then there is your home. Everything stinks inside your home and car. Even your pillows in your bed stink. Your fridge absorbs the odor every time you open it. You can wash your clothes over and over and they still stink. I think you get the idea.

So if I can quit after being a 2 pack a day smoker then I am sure others can too. Get help from your Doctor if you have to, but to be honest, cold turkey is the best way. I did it and it was hard the first few weeks but then it slowly got easier. At 6 months I took all the money I saved and bought a fish tank and some fish as a gift to me.

You know the best out of all of this? Gregg and I have saved so much money and been able to own a home a new car and even go on 2 trips to Mexico. If I was still smoking I would be spending 500.00 a month. What a waste of money that would be. Cant hardly wait till we are back in Mexico!

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4 comments on “Another reason to Celebrate

  1. Grandmothergoose

    This is indeed a BIG reason to celebrate!

  2. smurf

    Congratulations Karin !! I have been smoke free for 3 yrs. The summer I met Paul I learned that he had quit for almost 2 yrs at the time. I have never had a problem with not smoking around non smokers. Every visit with Paul I made an effort and didn’t smoke, however as soon as he left I lit up !!..lol After only a couple visits had I decided if I can go 2 days without I could probably go longer, so I started adding a day before I knew it, I was a non smoker… I do remember that at x mas 2005 I broke down and had a smoke after a couple glasses of wine. well okay quite a bit of wine I don’t remember getting home..LOL What a way to make an impression on your MIL..LOL Anyways I had decided that if I wanted to succeed at quiting smoking I needed to stop drinking for awhile too…

    I agree Karin, I think of smoking I feel like puking…..

  3. Andrea

    i too have my own battle with smoking, its been around 15 years since i started and i have been able to stop for a couple of years, but now im back puffing away… i also would love to stop smoking, in the future maybe, yikes! anyone heard of champix? they say its really effective, its a prescription medication that curbs your urge to smoke, i have heard lots of positive results, but i’m still not sold on the idea…

  4. Stiesch

    Very nice of u !And it is a pleasant thing to know that you left smoking and that too as a gift.Your gift is appreciable and also impressive.

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