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Well it was a nice evening. Gregg didnt know that we were meeting with Mom and Waltrude and Wally. He knew that Matt and Bree would be there. I think he was surprised. Dinner was very yummy, but we were shocked at the cost. Prices have gone up. Something must of happened with our bill, cause we only had to pay 8.12 for everything.??? Did mom pay? I dont think so. I didnt notice. Oh well. After dinner we came back to our place for coffee and cake. I made a chocolate cake for Gregg. First one I have made in 18 years! LOL.. Last time was for Colby’s first birthday. It turned out good.

I got Gregg a stainless steel necklace. He needed one for his Mexico charm. It really looks good on him. Other than that we are planning a BBQ dinner with his dad for tomorrow. Dad is bringing the steaks and we supply the rest. Should be a nice relaxing afternoon.

Today we are staying in our cool condo. We turned on the A/C last night before bed. Good thing we did, otherwise it would be really hot in here. So thats all for now.

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5 comments on “Birthday Dinner

  1. smurf

    WHAT !!! 8 BUCKS for dinner…For everyone????? Where was that?? Why didn’t you say something?????

  2. Andrea

    yah 8 bucks for dinner is quite unbelievable especially now that all prices are rising.. didn’t you check with the waiter why the bill is only that much? come to think of it, i wouldn’t really ask questions if that happened to me… pretty good day for a birthday…

  3. purpledragonfly Post author

    Since the waiter made the mistake it wasnt up to me to correct him. Our bill was 95.00 when he gave it to us but when he returned for us to sign the receipt it said 8.12. I looked at Gregg and he said,”not our fault”. We gave him a 15% tip. He will have to cover the bill, but maybe he will learn to check all bills from now on. Plus we wont be going back there for a long time. The prices have gone up too much.

  4. smurf

    True enough !!! I agree I would have thought the same way. I would have just wished I ordered another drink..LMAO

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