I finally found out how to spell it and found the website. I mentioned in a post earlier that I have a new thingy in my mouth. Its an Aqualizer not an aquanator. Anyways, here is the site all about it. “Aqualizier” is a plastic piece with tiny water bladders that I have to bite on. It has teally helped with the tight muscles in my jaw. My bite has shifted so now I’m having to adjust to that, but that is what is supposed to happen. With my TMJ that I have had for the 15 years, my lower jaw has slowly moved forward. This little thingy is going to help put my bite back a bit. It wont be back to where it was before I got TMJ, but it will definitely improve it.

I will be using this for as long as the Dentist thinks I need it. Most likely I will have it till I bite thru the bladders…lol He has said that I will need a night guard since I clench and grind my teeth at night. I guess that will be figured out next visit.

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