For about a year now Mom has been asking me to grow out my eye brows. She thinks that they are too thinly plucked. Well, I’m going to do it for Mom. I have a picture of what they look like when they are plucked. When I have grown them out I will repost both pictures and then you can tell me which looks better.

I like them this way. Mom thinks that if I keep plucking I will soon have no brows. I dont over pluck, or do I? I’ll see how they look in 2 weeks. I warn you now, I pluck for a reason….lol

7 comments on “Eye Brows

  1. purpledragonfly Post author

    you laugh now, but wait till my fuzzy eyebrows walk into a room before I do.then you wont be laughing.

  2. Sumit Ojha

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  3. Grandmothergoose

    And put a little bow at the end of them!

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