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Its Labour day weekend and school starts again for all the kids. YIPPEE!! This means that there will be less teenagers in the stores. They drive me nuts sometimes…lol Especially when they gather in big groups and take over a store. One thing that I do like this time of the year is all the great sales. I just wish I had enough money to buy everything. Gregg and I were at super store on Saturday and they had a huge clearance sale on a bunch of summer clothing. Everything was under 3 bucks. Some nice stuff too, but I didnt buy anything. I have to learn to NOT spend money when I see a great sale going on. Just cause its on sale, doesnt mean I need it. I end up buying clothes that i really dont need even if I do like it and wear it, but I still dont need it.

Anyways, what else has been going on? We went to see Mom’s new condo. Its huge! I think it will be so nice once its finished. She is doing a total make over on it. It will be so good to be able to have the whole family together at her place again. I didnt think I would miss it when they moved from the house to the condo, but I do. Maybe we will do thanksgiving day dinner there this year? We can all bring some food and do a potluck dinner.

Just to update you on my teeth. I am finally almost happy with them. I think I will need to go in one more time for one more adjustment. I think the one tooth is still a bit long, I cant bite down without feeling some kind of pain. The Aqualizer has really been helping a lot with adjusting my bite. So things are better in that department.

My body is a whole different story. From some unknown reason I woke up on thursday with a still neck and it still hurts when I try to turn my head to the right. Left turns are fine but turn to the right and it feels like I am pulling my shoulder up to my ear. I want to do my yoga but I guess it will have to wait till this goes away.

So that’s whats going on over in part of the world.

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    Kids chasing butterfly could be good for their health. Don’t you think? Running, stretching, jumping up and down, crawling, sudden bursts etc… Unfortunately grown-ups cant do that, if they do try a paramedic team would probably be chasing them behind a asylum van. So for now we just exercise to stay fit.

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