I’m going to change my Sunday Seven list to words. Every Sunday I will have a new set of words. Basically this is what you do to join in on the fun.  I will type out 7 words and you add your answers and then link back to me. Simple! So lets start!

I type it, you answer it! (Here are my answers)

  1. Flower – Pretty
  2. Burst – Explode
  3. Water – Ocean
  4. Bucket – Ice
  5. Season – Summer
  6. Sky – Grey
  7. History – Old

Now its your turn. Just copy  this and paste it into your blog post,

  1. Flower –
  2. Burst –
  3. Water –
  4. Bucket –
  5. Season –
  6. Sky –
  7. History –

and then answer the words with whatever pops into your head. Then at the end add a link back to me! Leave a comment if you want me to come look at your answers.

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Last Modified: September 7, 2008

2 comments on “Sunday Seven Words

  1. smurf

    I don’t really understand the link back to you part…

  2. purpledragonfly Post author

    just add a link to me so when others see it on your site they can come to my blog and see my answers too.

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