With all the dental work Gregg and I have had over the last few years I figured I would do a post about Tooth Art. I noticed on a tattoo blog that a girl had bling in her mouth so I googles “tooth art”. I was surpised at what people will do.

There are different types of art you can put on your teeth. First there are decals. You can buy them online and put them on yourself or see a dentist. This would be the safest since the decals last about 24hours. You can also get gems glued in and they last up to 8 months.

Then there are Crowns. You can have an artist do a picture on a crown. I like this idea, but I do like the decals better. Gives more variety.

There are many other sites to check out if you are looking for Tooth Jewelry.  Here is a site that lets you try a few different gold pieces. I would like one of these.

At this site you can buy a home kit. I would like this one. If I get one I’ll do a full review on it with video instructions and pictures. They seem simple enough to use. I’ll be seeing my dentist on the 29th so I will ask him what he thinks about doing them. I dont want to damage my new teeth.

I think a tiny purpledragonfly on my tooth would look kinda cute.:)

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