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I just got back from a nice walk down to the library. Had to return a couple books and picked up 3 more that were waiting for me. I love that I can go online and request almost any book I want. Then get an email when its there to pick up.

So the books I got today are all novels. the first one is “Breaking Dawn” by Stephine Myers. Its the 4th one in the Twilight Series. I have really been enjoying these. There are marked for young adults. Not sure why, since its not all about sex. Maybe its cause of the vampires? LOL. Well whatever the reason, I have enjoyed them.

The second book is called “Cry Wolf” by Patricia Briggs. I have been waiting to read this one ever since I read a short story she did in another book. This is the start of a new series as far as I know.

And the third book is by one of my favorite authors, Katie MacAlister. The book is “Aint Myth-behaving“. She has so many good books. You should really check her out.

Well I’m off to read!!!   Have a great weekend!

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