1. smurf

    Looks good, I would have to agree with your family. I don’t want to say the wrong thing. Kinda like a double sided sword..LOL I tend to go for more hair and less plucking..LOL I don’t bother with mine much of at all !!..LMAO

  2. Lucy

    Hmmm, if you had them threaded, it would look nice too. I personally pluck mine but you can get carried away and pluck way too much! A little thicker looks nicer then the surprised looked that you can get if they’ve been plucked too much!! LOL Your brows in the Mexico picture of you, look way too thin. It’s personal preference really.

  3. I agree Lucy, I over plucked the Mexico trip.I think I will pluck them but keep them a bit thicker.

    Darlene…I have to pluck them. I cant stand it when they start to grow wild and look like I’m some kinda Amazon woman…lol

    Its a good thing they grow slow.

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