I have been searching all over the Internet for a few days now for “make-up Palettes”. When I do, I seem to always end up at Sephora. I have found some others but nothing that is as good as Sephora. So I think I have narrowed my choices down to a few items that I might be ordering soon.

First off, I am looking for a palette that is small enough to keep in my smallest purse but also easy for traveling. It needs the right colors, which it hard to find since I go for the purples. I want to have both eye shadows and blushes in the palette. Having lip gloss isn’t needed cause I have my favorite lipsticks that I am never with out. That also goes for my mascara and liners. I also have to make sure that the product is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and oil free.

Another point to make here is that I am moving up in my make-up. I’m tired of trying drug store brands and hunting for the right product, but its more than that. I want a good brand. Not the cheap crap that high school girls wear. I need quality. I’m getting older and my skin has changed. No more buying crap. 🙂

Here is the list that I have made so far.

  1. Lorac CD2 I like this one for the size. The colors are ok too, but it does have lip gloss that I dont need.
  2. POP Beauty Now this old has all the colors that look good for me, but I would like brighter color.
  3. POP Beauty This one has all the bright colors but no blush.
  4. Sephora Brand This one has it all. I think I might buy this one.
  5. Tarte This looks like it might work.

Has anyone tried any of these? Or maybe you have a brand that you can suggest? I would love to have some feed back on different brands.

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