As you all know I have been on the hunt for new make-up. Well, I have decided to switch over to mineral make-up. Why? Well its better for the skin for one thing. Its a more “natural” product. Depends on what brand you pick. Some brands add a couple “extra” things in that really aren’t necessary.

On my search for the right brand for my skin type(foundations and powders turn my face orange), I am finding that there is lots to learn. I have only just begun to scratch the surface in this new world. I honestly didn’t know that all the brands from drug stores that I have tried over time, are really not that good for the skin. I was shocked at how much “crap” goes into regular make-up. What bothers me more is that there are still companies that do animal testing when its just not needed anymore.(this is a topic I wont go into right now)

Anyways, So far this week I have found a few companies that I think I will be trying out. As I do I will blog about each company and how I like the products. Keep in mind, that I will have to place an order for a sample or a full size item(this depends on what the company offers) and have to wait for it to arrive. So in the mean time I will find other things to post about.

I wonder how long this journey will be? There are so many brands to try. I don’t mind, I love playing with make-up. I also have to make sure that anything I try doesn’t give me a IC flare-up. Some brands have fragrances in them and having to smell them and absorb into my skin, can start up a nasty reaction. So this will be a challange for me. It will be a good way to find out more of what I can and can’t handle with my IC.

I think the products that don’t work for me I will give away on my blog. Maybe do some contests too. Could be that some products that I can’t handle, someone else might be able to. When is comes to cosmectics, each person reacts differently.

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