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Well I have made my first sample order. I ordered from a company called “Skin Fx“. I have been researching companies for about 10 days now and this one has filled all my requirements. I wanted to make sure that I get a product that doesn’t have any extra ingredients. Skin Fx has only the basics, no extra fillers as far as I can see. They are also a Canadian company from Alberta. And I like to try to stay in the homeland.

Many companies add “bismuth Oxychloride”. Some people have reactions to this ingredient. It seems to irritate the skin and give some people breakouts and even rashes. Since I have sensitive skin I don’t even want to try anything with that in it.

Talc” is another offender. I already know that I can’t use it because I tend to get IC flare-ups. “Corn starch” is also like Talc for me. Its something that you don’t want since it has a expiration date. A shelf life cause its made from vegetable starch.

They don’t add any oils or fragrances. I will know for sure when I smell it. I hate it when makeup has a odor to it.

I guess that’s it till I get the samples next week. I’ll do a full review then. I guess its back to finding more samples…

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