I just want to tell all the IC’er’s out there that this stuff helps….a lot! I actually forget to take these little tablets, but when I do, it makes a huge difference. Preleif has really helped me a lot in the past. I just need to remember to keep it with me and use it.

Seriously, buy some and see if it helps you prevent pain. It is suppose to help neutralize acids in any foods or drinks you may want to eat. Take 2-4 tabs before you start to eat or drink. It really helps when you want to have some wine or spicy foods.

I think I got out of the habit of using it because I was doing good and hadn’t had a flare-up in a while. I’m back on it again. I have been having pain off and on for about 3 months now. I know why too. Since Dad died in June, I have been having flare ups a lot more. Stress.

I don’t think you can get it in Canada yet. I slip across the line and grab it at any drug store or Walmart. Costco might have too. The guy who makes this also made Beano and “Lactaid Milk” But he has sold those parts of the company. We have Beano in our home all the time. It does wonders for those dinners with a lot of onions. You know what I mean…..LOL.

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