My first sample arrived late yesterday. This one is from SkinFX. It took 6 working days to get here. That’s not bad. I ordered 4 samples, 3 foundation and 1 eye shadow. The total with shipping was 9.45 cdn. They arrived in a letter. 4 baggies with instructions.

I took the baggies and emptied each one into a shot glass. There is about a half a teaspoon in each sample. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but its enough to try them a few times. The instructions tell you to apply the colors to your forehead. So I did that. 3 different colors. They all look good for me. One is a bit light so I could use that as a winter foundation when I lose my tan.

After about 20 minutes I looked in the mirror and noticed no orange tint…yippee! I tend to turn orange when it comes to foundations. So I applied the colors to the rest of my face and neck in 3 sections. I also applied the eye shadow. Its a nice pink color, but a little to light for me. I like colors that pop.

I’m not too sure about using it all over. It does look a bit heavy. It has left creases under my eyes. The coverage is good. I do look like I have flawless skin. It hides pores and evens out skin tones. Now for the true test. I will wear it for the day and see how it looks after a normal day. I’ll blog again this evening with the results.

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