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Well, I wore it all day and it didn’t change. Not one bit. I did feel that it was there. Something I’m not used to. My skin looks like it has a nice even tan. Everything matched all the way down my neck. It was nice to see my face and neck the same color. Most of the time my neck stays very white. But this stuff made it all blend nicely. It did look a bit caked at first, but after about 20 minutes I noticed that it sort of “melted” into my skin. It looks very natural. I read that it is water proof and it is! I tried to wash it off. Nope. I had to use my face wash to get it off. So I think this well be great when traveling in Mexico. Put it on and I can even go swimming in the ocean and still look great. 🙂

So, will I use Skin Fx again? Yes I think I will. I won’t decide until I have tested the other samples. I like this so far but it is only the first one I have tried. Once I have tried them all I will make a decision what I will buy.

I found a few sites and have added them to my links page under “Mineral Makeup”. All the links are for makeups that are pure minerals no organics in them as far as I saw. Remember, if you want pure mineral makeup, read the ingredients lists. Anything organic may be natural, but its NOT a mineral and is not needed in mineral makeup.

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