Well I have worn each color on different parts of my face and neck. It feels a lot lighter than the Skin FX foundations. I really didn’t notice that I was wearing it. Out of the 3 colors I can wear 2. Vanisha is a bit too yellow/orange for my skin.The samples are small. Enough for 2 applications.

I really liked the Camelyn. It blended well with my natural coloring. The Neutrala is a slight tone darker and was a bit noticeable. It showed wrinkling under my eyes. Both colors did hide the darkness under my eyes so that’s something I was happy about.

This stuff didnt feel heavy or oily. I also didnt put any moisturizer on before hand. I wanted to see how it would feel and look with out it. I had moisturizer on when I tested the Skin FX. I will do the Skin FX without moisturizer tomorrow, might make a difference on my review of that product.

Now I have washed this off and trying it with moisturizer. It feels good. Not itchy or heavy. I tried the Vanisha again, but its definitely not my color.

Now I’m not sure if its me not doing it right or if all mineral makeup does this, but I see more wrinkles in my face. Especially around my eyes. And when I smile my skin looks almost like it has tiny cracks in it. Is it possible that this will change and melt into my skin? Or am I doing something wrong? I blend it in and it still looks a bit caked.

I added blush on top and that did seem to make it look more natural. Still lots to learn!

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