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It seems that Thursday nights we have pizza. Not sure how this started, but now we do this every Thursday. We grill our pizza on the bbq. It tastes so much better that way. Makes the thin crust crispy. Melts the cheese perfectly and everything in between is hot.

I dont buy just any old pizza. Gregg and I discovered about 2 years ago a frozen pizza at Costco. We were looking for one that had toppings we liked and that was low in calories. Well we found one. Its called “Palermo’s“. It comes in many different flavors. We have tried them all and like them all. My favorite is the Hawaiian and Gregg likes the Chicken Cesar but we both enjoy the Sweet Thai.

We buy the Primo Thin pizzas. Costco only carries 4 flavors, but on the website you can see they have more. The calorie count is low. You can eat half a pizza to yourself and its under 600 calories! We add extra mushrooms and some onions to bulk it up. After 2 slices I am stuffed!

So that’s whats on the menu this evening. Pizza and a beer. Plus a night of great TV. Its Survivor, CSI and ER. Gregg only watches Survivor with me.

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