So I got my 4th sample last week, but was too sick to try it out. I tried it over the weekend. This one was from Pure Luxe Cosmetics. I ordered 10 samples for 13.00. The sample sizes are good for at least a dozen uses if not more.

All the colors are great. I really like the product. This is the best line of all 4 samples. But once again, it was a bit messy. Working with powders is just not for me. I wish it was easier. I always end up with eye shadow on my cheeks when I apply it to my eyes. The only way to avoid this is by adding water. I also noticed that all the samples did two thing the same, enlarged my pores and showed the creases under my eyes.

The foundation colors are a perfect match for my skin. The blush is very subtle. Natural looking. I will order this in the future. I think that any mineral makeup that I will use, will only be done when I travel. It lasts all day and doesn’t melt. So it will be great when we head to Mexico again.

I have decided to go back to regular makeup. I ‘m going to be going to Clinique. I trust their products. I have never had a problem with them in the past. At least now I know more about mineral makeup. I wasted 30 bucks but I have all the samples I can use for traveling. Good thing is, it will never go bad, so it will last and last.

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