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Last night Gregg and I had my brother and his wife and 2 kids over. Gregg was helping set up their Wii with some “extra” programing. Anyways, we had some fun playing on our Wii. It was pretty funny watching everyone take turns doing Wii Fit. World of Goo ended up being the favorite at the end of the evening.

I can see doing Wii nights in the future. Turn off the TV shows and gather the family or friends and have fun. I would love to see Mom play…lol

I think this new Wii World will be very entertaining, especially when Colby and Matt come to visit.

I really had fun last night. I think it was close to 1am when we finally called it a night. Even Baby and Bunny were worn out from watching us!LOL. Here’s too more Wii nights in the future!

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  1. smurf

    We cannot wait until we get our’s. We have to wait until x-mas

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