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That I HATE my neighbor’s!!!!! Seriously! AAArrrUUUgggHHH!!!!

I have done nothing! I am cleaning today. Doing the laundry and I plan to vacuum in a while. Dippy yelled from below “Do you have to walk so loud?” What???? Really?!!! I walk as softly as I can. I make sure I don’t walk heavy since we are on the second floor. I know he is under me. Moron!

Anyways, now I get the disgusting pleasure of listening to him have sex with his girlfriend. I can handle sex noises, but not this girl. For love of everything purple! Make her stop! She squeaks and squeals  the whole time. She sounds like a damn squeaky toy for dogs! Imagine this… she says “no” all the time in a high pitched voice and then add the squeaking and squealing yelps in between.

I’m truely going insane!!!

I think I will go run the vacuum now…and do a bit extra in the bedroom.

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9 comments on “Can I Just Say…

  1. smurf

    Can’t win eh !!I would hate to have a neighbour like that. Sounds like he has decided to set out to make your life miserable. It’s really too bad that people tend to feel that they need to resort to behaviour like this. Sounds like he has no respect for anyone, he belongs in the middle of no where with no neighbours for miles and miles..lol

    Sure hope it gets better.

  2. Raul

    I hate my neighbours too, but not for sex noises, but for kid noises!

  3. purpledragonfly Post author

    I’m not sure which is worse…sex or kids. They are both bad.
    I just wish he would move already. The whole building hates him.

  4. smurf

    Now Now we were all kids at some point in our lives..lol

  5. Anonymous

    Love our place!
    Neighbours only on one side and we very seldom hear them.
    Sometimes when a kitchen cupboard is closed we can hear the thump. That’s about it! No talking, no walking, no vacuuming! ! !
    The soundproofing in this place is fabulous! Plus, they have 2 adult children living with them and people come and go at their place all the time. Can’t hear a thing, just see them coming and going!
    Ohh, on occasion, depending on where you happen to be, we can hear the garage door opening or closing!
    When we first moved to this place, I thought that I had been deserted, it was so quiet.
    Now, that we are more used to it, we can hear the birds during the day and the frog choir during the summer nights.
    There is very little traffic here and when we shut our windows we hear nothing.
    This is certainly a huge change from our last place and the biggest reason I love my new home so much!
    Still not totally convinced about the Abbotsford thing, though! 🙂

  6. purpledragonfly Post author

    I love our place too. Its just the guy below us.He seems to think that we are all out to get him. Like the whole building is wrong and that the Strata rules dont apply to him.
    I can hear the guy above us vacuuming and he is a heavy walked, but I dont go yelling at him for it. We did file a compliant about his 2am vacuuming. It stopped right away.
    We dont want to fight with our neighbors. We really love our condo.

    You dont like Abbotsford?

  7. smurf

    I love my house ! Don’t have to deal with any of the issues that you do. Our neighbours are great. We say Hello and on to our day.

  8. wgortzen#gmail.com

    I am getting used to living in Abbotsford! 🙂

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