The Christmas season is here. Gregg and I did the tree and the decorations and even some shopping. It was a busy weekend. We still have to put the lights on outside. Which I think I might get to today. Other than that, I think this year will be a relaxing one.

We don’t have many plans. We have the dinner at Mom’s on the 20th to celebrate living in Canada for 40 years. Then on the 21st we are all invited to go to my brother and his wife’s baptism in Vancouver. Which we will be attending as long as I feel good and there is no snow. Then we have Christmas dinner at my Sister’s house on the 25th.

So really this year is a slow one. Usually half the family gets together on Christmas eve to go out for dinner and then go to church. I think this year might be the start of something new for Gregg and I. We really dont have any “traditions” of our own. Since we don’t have kids together and my boys are older and want to do their own thing. Gregg and I have talked about possibly doing something just for us. Sure anyone can come and join us. What is it that we want to do? Go see a Christmas movie.

LOL… yup I know it sounds weird. Seriously, I thought it was too. But have you noticed that there are new Christmas movies that come out on the the 24th and 25th? So why not go see one? If we aren’t snowed in and have nothing else to do then we might as well go have a good time.

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    I agree!!! Make your own traditions, whatever they may be!!!!

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