Christmas Cookies
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I realized that today is Gregg’s Mom’s Birthday. She isn’t here to celebrate this day anymore. She died many years ago in a terrible car accident. It’s sad, I know, but we go on. Anyways, the last couple days Gregg has mentioned how at Christmas time his mom would bake cookies. So I am on the hunt for her recipes. I know they are in the storage room in a box. I just have to find the right box…lol

He says that his Mom made the best Bird’s nest cookies ever, along with a few others. So I want to start making these for Gregg so that he can have some and remember the good times of Christmas. Just like I remember all the good times I had as a kid. I think the one thing that always makes Christmas better is all the smells of baked goodies and the turkey cooking. Christmas music playing in the back ground and people laughing and enjoy themselves.

Well, I will go hunt these recipes down, then share them with you all.

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  1. Gregg

    Today was also tree day; we’d always get the Christmas tree on Mom’s birthday as that would make it so that it lasted to just a day or two past New Year’s Day.

    Are you going to make Nanaimo bars?!

  2. smurf

    I just finished making Nanaimo bars. Its quite wierd how you are doing the exact same thing as i am this year. I also have hunted down some cookie recipes that my mom used to bake at Christmas time whenI was a kid. As you and Gregg know I lost my Mom many yrs ago too. I actually lost both parents quite young. Always great to re visit family memories and if at all possible relive them and pass them on…One of my favs that my mom would make were refrigerator cookies.


    That is a very nice Christmas present that you are hunting for. Good luck!
    I’ll be waiting for those recipes and do make sure to put some pictures with them.
    Don’t give up hunting for them.
    Good luck!

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