I did some baking this year for the first time in about 15 years. Yes I said 15 years. You might wonder why its been so long. Well, After Leaving my old life behind. I never really felt the craving to bake anymore. For some reason this year the baking bug hit me.

So I went on a internet search for some new recipes to try. I was hoping to use Gregg’s Mom’s recipes but I still havent found them. I did find 8 recipes just not the ones I wanted. So I found some online and tried them out. I have been reading a certain blog for a while now and really enjoy all the recipes they have. A lot of the food reminds me of the food I grew up on. If you know anything about German Mennonite cooking you will love this blog.

Here I found the recipes for snow drops. I made these but changed a few things plus renamed mine to Reindeer Poop.. lol. Instead of Crispex (I couldnt find any) I bought a box of Rice Krispies and a box of Corn Squares. Mixed and crushed them together. Then melted the chocolate chips and peanut butter. Poured that over the cereal and stirred. I didn’t have a paper bag so I used a large zip lock bag. I added the mixture to the bag of icing (which, by the way was made out of splenda and cornstarch) And shock the bag till it was all coated. Then scooped it our with a large strainer to get some of the sugar off.

Once it was all coated I put it in a pan and then into the freezer. An hour later it was hard and easy to package into containers. Measuring
Pan of Poop

This stuff is so yummy! So I made a second batch For Gregg’s dad. He is Diabetic so it was made with 8 unsweetened baker’s chocolate squares and a cup on Splenda. I actually forgot the peanut butter and poured the chocolate on the cereal mix and then covered it the same way with the Splenda and cornstarch icing sugar. It tastes good too!

Piles of Poop

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  1. wgortzen@gmail.com

    Very yummy, for sure!
    Thanks for giving me a taste!

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