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Its here….again. Some times I wish there was no Christmas. It would make things so much easier. Or maybe Gregg and I could just go rent a cabin in the snow. Hide away from all the every day stuff. Oh well, we can all dream!

I guess I’m a bit depressed today. Gregg has to work and I had thought we would be together tomorrow. He thinks he might have friday off, but he isnt 100% sure. So the dinner I had planned for us and his Dad(Glen) and Matthew is being canceled. I have decided to just make a nice small dinner for Gregg and I  tomorrow when he gets home from work. If  he does get friday off, then maybe we will hit some boxing day sales.

Glen says he will stop by on Christmas morning for a coffee and gift exchange. I’ll see Matthew in the afternoon since we are all going to my sister’s for the big family turkey dinner. Unless Matthew changes his mind and heads out with Bree. Doesnt really matter. He can do what he wants. He is after all an adult. 😛 Colby is up in Kamloops and isnt coming down. No idea when I will see him again.

We will go and eat all the yummy food at my sister’s and at the end of the evening we will waddle out with an extra 10 pounds in our bellies. We will all say our good byes to Mom as she is leaving the next day for California with my Brother and his wife. Gone to the land of sunshine for 6 weeks. Wish I could go too.

This is also our first Christmas without Dad. Plus it would have been his 82nd birthday on Christmas day.

I can hardly wait for Christmas to move on again. Bring on the new year and the spring and summer, but then fall and winter show up again…ah damn! I guess its a vicious circle. Maybe we will go on a trip next year?  Do I hear Mexico calling? Maybe gifts giving is going to stop? Save our money for the trip? Hmmm…. I suppose we will have to see what happens over the next year.

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2 comments on “Christmas Once Again

  1. smurf

    You never know, Gregg just might be home with you if we do end up with the 10-20 cm of snow predicted for around midnight and all day tomorrow and into Christmas Day. We are glad we never made any plans to go anywhere this yr just to end up canceling it due to the snow. The kids will open up one present Christmas eve and spend the evening enjoying that and then of course Christmas morning will be filled with more gifts and lots of food. Finished off with a Huge turkey dinner.

    Have a great holiday !!!!

  2. purpledragonfly Post author

    As long as he doesnt get stuck at work cuz the highway gets closed again.
    Hope you have a merry christmas!

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