I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. I know I did. Even though our plans had changed a bit cause of all the snow and Gregg having to work. So instead of our turkey dinner on the 26th I made dinner for Gregg and I on the 24th after he got home from work. Then we did the family dinner at my Sister’s home on the 25th. It all turned out fine. Only Colby was missing this year. He stayed with his Dad in Kamloops. That was ok with me. I’ll see him some time in the new year.

My gifts were all things I didnt really ask for, but I like them. I got some pink slippers which have to go back cause they are too small. Got purple velour pj’s, that I am living in. Got one onf my favorite perfumes “lacoste- touch of sun”. A 4 gig micro-card for my MP3 player. Now I will have music and movies where ever I go. I got the dvd “Horton Hears a Who”, I love Dr.Suess. Plus I got a ton of snowmen! flameless candles and a string of lights- all snowmen!

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One comment on “Good Christmas

  1. wgortzen@gmail.com

    A string of snowman lights????
    Where did you find them?

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