Some New Additions

Here are some new additions to my snowmen collection.

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  1. Where ever did you find your new family members?
    They are toooooooooooooo cute!
    Cynthia will want them to move to her house! 🙂

  2. This is just a portion of what she got this year. The Barbershop Quartet and the large Beanie snowmen on either side are both from Save-On; super cheap in post Christmas sell-offs and probably gone if you’re not quick.

    The flameless candles in this video were a Christmas present, I got them at Costco. Even though they are flameless, they really are wax.

    She also got several others as Christmas presents, also from Costco, and some various things like tea towels with snowmen from Save-On. These seem to be the best places to go for snowpeople that meet the magic rule of no feet allowed! Everything out there tends to be a ball or two of snow on top of feet.

    This is added to her collection that Karin has been accumulating for a number of years now… Cynthia might want to come visit before they go away for another year.

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