This is her forth book out of the new series she is writing. I have really enjoyed these books. There is romance and humor and excitement. Its not an “edge of your sit” book, but its a good read if you just want to get away from real life.

I love to find new authors to read. I can tell you that Michele Bardsley is one that I will keep on reading. Her skills as a writer are worth it. She doesn’t do what some others do as in detailing every single scale on a dragons body. When authors detail too much I lose interest and end up not reading them again. She describes things as the novel proceeds but doesn’t linger and go overboard.

One more thing I enjoyed, the love scenes. They were good but not to a point were I was sick of reading it. When a book has sex every 10 pages, it gets boring. Michele doesn’t do that.

So what’s the Series about? well, its about Vampires, Zombies, Fairies and of course Dragons! Everything happens in a small town called Broken Heart. Yes its all fantasies, but its a good fantasy!

So go to you local library or go buy it and read it.

  1. I’m The Vampire That’s Why
  2. Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire
  3. Because Your Vampire Said So
  4. Wait Til Your Vampire Gets Home

She also has a few other books to check out. You can follow Her on here or here.

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