For the past 2 years I have been letting my hair grow. Just getting it trimmed when needed. Not every 6 weeks like the salons want you to. That is just a waste of money for me. If I had a certain style then I would probably do it to keep it looking nice. Since mine is straight and only layered the last 6inches its not necessary.

Well, its gotten long. I have let my bangs grow out and they reach just past my shoulders now. The rest is about half way down my back at Bra strap level. I’m trying to decide if I just cut some length off or just let it grow longer. I know I want to add the purple color back in. I really liked how it looked.

Maybe I need a different style? A different cut? Having long hair is easy to take care of, but its also very hot on the neck. I end up having it in a ponytail all the time.  I’ve been looking at different types of updo’s that I can do easily, but there aren’t that many. I do know that I don’t want to cut my bangs. I like having them long and out of my face.

Hmmm…what to do?

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  1. smurf

    pig tails would look great on you Karin 😛

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