As you all know Gregg and I live in a condo and we have Strata rules that must be followed. One of these rules is that you may have pets, 1 dog not over 25lbs  or you can have a cat. Anyways, our neighbor under us, you remember him right? Dippy is what I named him. He has a dog. The dog is cute and all that, but she is about 50lbs and she actually scares the people in the building cause she has pitbull in her.

Now, I love Pitbulls. I’m not afraid of them unless the owner has trained them to be mean. I used to breed them long time ago. So I know what the breed is all about. Well, Dippy has been fighting strata on wheather he can keep the dog or not. There was a strata meeting and we were all given the minutes so that we know what is going on. The decision has been made.

The way I understand it, he has 30 days to get rid of the dog and clean up all the dog poop on his patio. If he doesn’t do this he will be getting fines until he does do it. I am hoping that he loves his dog so much that he will move out and that means Squeaky(his girlfriend) will also be gone! YIPPEE!

I am hoping that if they move, the condo will be sold to some better people. We allow rentals in the building, but only 5 suites and those spots are all taken. It sure will be nice to sit on our deck this summer and not smell dog poop. Hopefully he will be gone and we won’t smell pot anymore too.

I guess we will see what happens in a month. I’ll update again then.

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