I while back I bought the Neutrogena anti-wrinkle cream. Well I have been using it at night but not every night. I used it every night for about 2 weeks and in that time my skin became very dry and itchy. I have sensitive skin. So I changed to using it only 3 times a week. I have noticed a difference on my forehead and right between my eyes. The few wrinkles that I do have are less now.

So I guess you can say that it is working. I have been putting it around my eyes the last couple weeks but no change yet. I don’t know if I will buy it again, might try a different brand. It will be a long time before I will need a new bottle. It seems to last forever. Its worth the money that’s for sure.

(I bought new moisturizer, finally! I’ll do a post in a week about that.)

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