1. Lucy

    Sorry to hear the samples didn’t work for you. I know of women that have IC who are consultants, and our products don’t bother them at all, sorry that’s not the case for you. Beauticontrol uses the most natural ingredients as possible, just because there are so many people out there with sensitive and alergy issues. I am also glad to here the Elizabeth Arden moisturizer is working for you, but I do know there are 24 ingredients in that product and not just 6. It sells for $43.99, coupons are always good!

    • Yes your right there are more ingredients in it. Those are the 6 main ones they use in most of their creams. People who have IC each have different things that they can use. For me, I cant use your products. I’ve tried twice now and still cant do it.
      I got 2 jars for the price of one so I was happy.

  2. Lucy

    I was at Costco yesterday and just happened to see it so I had a look. They are a great size for what you’ve payed, that’s great! It all boils down to sticking to what works for you the best and it sounds like you found it, that’s awesome! 🙂

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