So its been 5 days now that I have my IC under control. I can only hope that this lasts for a while. If I’m careful and don’t eat or drink anything on my Bad list. I know 5 days doesn’t seem all that exciting to you “normal” folks. But those of us that suffer with IC look at 5 days as bliss.

I haven’t figured out what is that has changed. I stopped using the Dove body wash. I will try it tomorrow and see what happens. If my IC starts up again then I will know its the Dove soap.

I have to see the Dentist next Monday and I really dont want to be in pain for that. I will have to take it easy this week. Nothing else going on around here. Dippy is still living below us and so is his dog and girl. The weather has been crazy. Snow, rain, sunshine. I just want it to get over and done so that spring can get here. I need sunshine!

The diet is slow. I’m just sitting. I have 10 lbs to go and they just dont want to let go of me. Stupid fatty cells!

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