So I went to see my doctor yesterday afternoon. I had to do something to help get rid of all the pain I have been having lately. A while back I thought I was just having a bad IC flare-up. So I saw the Doctor and did a urine test and Nothing showed. So I have just been taking my regular pills in hopes that the pain would go away. Well it didn’t. This past weekend I was is so much pain I could of ripped my bladder right out of my body.

I finally told Gregg that I needed to see the Doctor or go to the E.R. The pain was horrible. If you have ever had any kind of a burning pain when you pee, you understand what I mean. Now just triple that pain. I think giving birth was less painful.

I saw my Doctor at 4:30pm. I told him that I have a bacterial infection or maybe a bladder infection. He gave me a script and I went to the lab to do another urine test, it was 6pm before I got the first pill down. The pain lessened slightly at about 10pm, but I did take painkillers. This morning I am feeling  much better. I can actually pee without wanting to pass out from the pain. My back still hurts though.

Tomorrow I finally see my new Urologist. I hope he is well educated with IC. If not, I guess I will have to teach him a few things…lol.

Anyways, With all the pills and all the liquids I have been drinks I feel like a drunken beached whale sloshing around in waves. I think I am on my way to getting better. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. It would be nice to be down to 2 pills a day again instead of 10.

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