I saw my new Urologist yesterday. He seems like a nice man. He is young , so I guess he will be around for a while. So we talked for a bit and I told him that I had gotten some antibiotics from my doctor and that they were helping. He gave me  another 3 days worth. Basically I had a very bad Urinary tract infection. I tell you it was not fun. I was starting to feel the pain in kidney area. Its a good thing it didn’t get that far. I’ve had kidney infections in the past and they are few painful.

Anyways, we decided to do nothing else for now. Don’t want to go poking around unless we really need to. I’ll try to get my IC under control again now that the infection is gone. All I need to do is watch what I eat and drink. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. If not, then I need to go see him again and he will take me in and put a scope in my bladder and take a peek.

So thats it! I am feeling so much better today. I almost feel human again.

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