Yes! It really did happen. Our neighbors below us are gone. There is no more Dippy! Woohooo! There has been a lot of work going on down there but its empty. Not sure if they are selling or if some other family member will be moving in. As long as the new people dont smoke and if they have a dog, they clean up after him and keep him quiet, I’ll be very happy.

It has been very peaceful around here this past month. So nice not smelling dog shit and pot smoke. I love my home again. I’m getting excited about using my sundeck this summer. This weekend is our turn to clean our deck. Every year each floor gets to clean their decks. We get the pressure washer out and clean winter off. Its surprising how dirty everything can get.

Once its clean and dry I can put out all my lights and patio stuff. Maybe have people over for bbq’s this year. Would be nice. We didnt have anyone over for dinners last summer because of the dog shit smell. But now we can 🙂

Anyways, I am starting a few new craft projects. I have set up my sewing machine and rearranged the eating area so I have more room to work in there. Since Gregg and I hardly ever use the kitchen table its no big deal if  I use it for my crafts. We usually end up eating in the living room and watching TV.

I will post pics of my projects as I do them. Off I go!

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