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When I lived down in South Carolina for a couple years I learned how to make Sweet Tea. This is something that can be found every where down in the South. If you ask for it here, people look at you like you have something growing on your face. I make this every summer.  I was surprised that Gregg knew what it was. He used to drink it all the time when he was living in Idaho. Only he calls it Sun Tea.

This is the recipe for Sweet Tea.

  • 3 bags of Tea-can be any kind but I use Orange Pekoe
  • 12 cups water
  • 1-2 cups sugar-I use Splenda

Boil the water. Remove from heat. Add the tea bags. Let steep for 7 minutes. Remove tea bags. Put sugar in a big pitcher and pour the tea in. Add a tray of ice cubes. Let cool, then put in fridge. When you serve it, have lemon or limes wedges on the side. I like a bit of lime in mine. You could also have other fruits.

SunTea- is made by taking a big gallon jar filling it with water and adding the tea bags, then letting it sit in the hot sun for the day. It tastes really good. You just add the sugar to each glass as you you drink it. Gregg doesn’t like it sweet so I don’t add the sugar into the jar.

You can also make it in your coffee maker. Put the tea bags in the the strainer basket, not in the pot. Run the water through. Then add it to the pitcher with sugar. Let it cool. Pour some in a glass and add ice.

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