Today is a year that dad is gone. Gregg and I went to the Cemetery yesterday afternoon. It was cold and wet. It was strange though, the clouds started to clear as soon as we got there. I know it wasn’t God or Dad clearing it up, but I would like to think that it was my Dad making sure that the Sun touched me, just to let me know he was there.

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I had a few tears, but they were happy ones. I did bring him a slice of watermelon. Like I said I would. I even took a bite. I’m sure he would of shared. We stayed for a bit and I thought about how much I missed him. I took the first small rock I saw from top of his grave and put it in my pocket. It will travel with me for this year.

I don’t know if I’ll go back again. I know he isn’t there. I know that he is in Heaven. I just hope that Heaven isn’t butting heads with his stubbornness…lol. He always liked to argue that he was right, I was wrong. True, many times he was right.

Anyways, we decided to head over to Mom’s for the afternoon. My brother’s with their wivies and kids also showed up. We had a nice early dinner and chatted for a bit. Then it was time to head home.

Today, I have thought about him again. It’s hard not to cry. I guess that I will always miss him. You only get one real Dad in your life. I’ve lost mine. For those of you that still have your Fathers, make sure that you take the time to get to know him. You might be surprised at what you find in that man.

I can never say thank you enough times for the chance of getting to know my Dad before he died. Thank you.

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  1. Lucy

    That’s really nice Karin. Time will only heal the feeling of missing him, but it will never go away. I know that is how I feel about my mom’s absense. For those of you who have both your parents still around, charish ever moment and make the best of it while they are still with you! ;o) Thanks for sharing this Karin.

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