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Over the last few weeks I have been a bit quiet. I had planned on making this blog a place where I could open up and shine. Show the world that I am a person of many colors. I’m not just black and white. There are dark colors that bleed red like blood and blues that match the skies. Yellow as a sunflower, royal as a kingly purple. There are many colors in my rainbow. So I am embarking on a new world. I want to share with you my stories and my life experiences. Can I  do it? I’m not sure. I am going to try to share, but I am a very private and shy person. This doesn’t come easily.

Let’s begin….

As long as I can remember I have been a writer. I have always had pen and paper near me. I never thought much of it, but now I have been looking back and thinking there might of been a reason for it. I pulled out all my old poems I had written in my life. Realizing that there are a few of them. Not all of them are good but as I read them, I realized that I wrote them to reflect that time in my life.

My first one I ever wrote was simple. I was about 8 years old.  I now will share it with you. As simple as it is, it still brings back memories of a time when grass stained knees, ice cream trucks and running through sprinkles were so very important.

A little Smile

I was walking on the grey sidewalk, when I saw a bottle cap smiling at me. It was blue and had a white letters saying “smile” and a happy face that was also white. I leaned down to pick it up, but it disappeared.”How can that be?” I thought to myself. It vanished out of sight and I’ll never see it again.-Karin Nickel

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